Michael O'Dwyer

25 Years In The Writing, Teaching, and Translating Business

E-Mail : mikeodster@gmail.com

Sworn Authorised Certified Translator 

Languages : English French Italian

Formateur Agréé Langue Anglaise

(Paris, Aix/Marseille, Italie, Monaco)

 Legal / Promotional / Business / Editing and Ghost Writing

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Michael O'Dwyer


Sworn Translations for Legal, Court, and Litigation purposes.
Work Done : Real Estate, Oil, Telecoms, Finance, Child Custody, Divorce, etc.
Languages : French to English and English to French. Italian to French / English.

Your Personal and Private Documents are dealt with solely by myself.
There is no farming out. You know exactly who does the work and where Your Documents are.
And I can be reached. Some people prefer that for their Privacy and for Follow-ups.

In my work for You, there will be no clauses in tiny illegible italics : Everything is Legible.


  • To present a Product or Service to a wide International Audience
    Professional Copywriting and Translation skills are needed.

    Small and Medium size Businesses striving to widen their Markets
     need the Best Language possible on the Web and in Documentation.
    Work Done : Tourism, Finance, Leisure, Industrial Products, Interior Design, etc.
    Languages : Mostly French and Italian into English.

  • Chercher de Nouveaux Clients à l'échelle internationale signifie passer par l'anglais pour ses Communications et Doc. Crédibilité est la clé. Aussi, le lecteur ne doit pas s'endormir dès la première ligne. Les Pros du Copywriting savent faire - c'est leur Métier. Les Petites et Moyennes Entreprises, soit de services, soit de marchandises,
    sont face aux conditions toujours plus difficiles.
    Un Rédacteur Professionnel pour les Communications est
     une façon peu chère mais efficace pour mettre en valeur Votre Produit.
    On peut avoir des Atouts - encore faut-il savoir comment les présenter.
    J'ai 15 ans d'expérience dans la construction HTML et écriture de Websites.
  • Il y a des gens qui n'aiment pas que leurs documents privés se baladent
    on ne sait pas où, exactement.
    Ils ou Elles préfèrent confier leurs travaux d'écritures et de traductions à une seule personne. Comme ça, ils savent précisément où se trouve le document, et qui fait le travail.
    Il y a aussi suite dans les travaux.
     Je travaille de cette façon là, et suis joignable directement.
    Personne d'autre voit Vos Documents.


    • Various people, such those from the Legal and Medical professions, Research Workers, and Academics may not have English as their first language. Persons who need to Publish or Present papers or theses in Journals or at Conferences can come here to have their material Checked and Cleaned by a Professional and Understanding Eye.
  • I have written for all types of media outlets : Press Agencies, Radio, TV, Print, Internet.
    I am a Seasoned Professional of Writing. Many people may have things to say, but they do not have the training to organize coherently a written Structure and Voice to tell their story.
    They can get help here.
  • I have worked for the San Diego Magazine, Toledo Blade, Irish Times, Tages Anzeiger, Der Kurier, Reuters, Sipa Press, Le Parisien, The Guardian, Australian, US, and South African Press, Euromoney, Monaco Legal and Commercial entities, International Motoring Rallies, Power Boat & Yachting Organisations, CNN, French Radios & TVs, & Sky TV.
  •  Confidentiality goes without saying:
 A "Sworn" Translator means Sworn to Professional Discretion.
 Enquiries welcome.


Fixed Telephone : + 33 03 85 45 46 33+ (33) 03 85 45 46 33

 Mobile Tel : + 33 (0)6 78 37 41 47+ (33) (0)6 78 37 41 47

E-mail Michael O'Dwyer at :